Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Crocker, Patrick, Mr. Tomlinson

The Dream Center Resale Store Pickens has co-partnered with the PRIME Transition program over the past year to provide real world vocational training experiences in retail skills.  The students have been interning both on the sales floor and intake items in the back.    

The Executive Director of The Dream Center, Chris Wilson, invited one of our PRIME teachers, Mr. Tod Tomlinson, to speak at their 10th annual Dream Big event, dinner, and silent auction at the Greenville Convention Center Tuesday, November 15th.  This year The Dream Center chose to tell their story through people who have experiences with the non-profit. They invited a select few in the Greenville/Pickens business community to briefly share their experience with their resale stores and they chose Mr. Tomlinson to speak on how the resale store has impacted the lives of the PRIME Transition students.

Mr. Tomlinson took his team, Mrs. Penny Crocker and Mrs. Kari Wright, along with their student, Patrick Gibson to share and speak at this event.  Mr. Tomlinson states that the students would not have this opportunity, nor would they be asked to speak at this event if it weren't for Mrs. Crocker and Mrs. Wright’s constant professionalism.

Pickens High School is very thankful for the hard work Mr. Tomlinson, Mrs. Croker and Mrs. Wright have put into this program and their students!