EOC Information for Parents/Guardians of PHS Students

This message is to inform you of important information regarding End of Course testing.  All courses have a requirement of either a Final Exam or an EOC (End of Course) test.  This year EOCs carry a weight of 20% of the student’s overall grade, with the exception of US History.  While students are still required to take the US History EOC to receive credit for the course, the score will not count toward the students’ final grade.  US History students will instead, take a mid-term and final exam to account for the same percentage toward their overall grade.

EOC tests are required by the state of South Carolina.  If an EOC is not taken, the student will receive a course grade of “Incomplete,” will not be eligible for credit recovery, and will not earn credit for the course.  Courses with an EOC requirement are listed below:

English 2, Biology 1, Intermediate Algebra, Algebra 1, and/or US History

Students will EOC test on their chromebook. Students will need to bring their charged chromebook to school with them on the day of testing.  EOC tests are not timed. It important to know that students may NOT have any electronic devices (other than their chromebook) turned on and at their desk during the testing session.  If you need to contact your student while they are EOC testing, please contact the main office at (864) 397-3600.  The PHS staff will notify and address the need with the student(s) as is appropriate.  Students will test on various dates to accommodate their needs, whether they be face to face, virtual, or accommodated. Read below to find out when your student’s course(s) will test:

EOC and Final Exam Testing:

April 28/29:  English 2 EOC Writing (TDA)

May 10/11:  English 2 EOC Reading

May 10/11:  US History EOC

May 17/18:  Biology 1 EOC, Senior Exams

May 19/20:  Algebra 1 (Intermediate Algebra) EOC

 May 23-26:  EOC Make-Ups

  May 25: 1 & 2 Period Exams

   May 26: 3 & 4 Period Exams

The Pickens County Career and Technology Center is working with us, as they have been notified of all required testing dates at PHS, and will excuse students from PCCTC to take their state required testing.  Students will be provided all necessary materials for EOC testing. We ask that you support your student in helping him or her prepare by encouraging him or her to study, provide him or her with encouragement, and remind him or her to get rest before testing.

Thank you for providing assistance in the required test administrations needed for your student to receive credit for his or her courses.  Please direct any questions or concerns to the Testing Coordinator, Lauren Corn, by email at laurencorn@pickens.k12.sc.us.   

Thank you and have a great Blue Flame Day!