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End of Course (EOC) Testing Information

This message is to inform PHS parents and guardians of important information regarding End of Course testing.  All courses have a requirement of either a Final Exam or an EOC (End of Course) test.  EOC tests are required this year.  If an EOC is not taken, the student will receive a course grade of “Incomplete,” will not be eligible for credit recovery, and will not earn credit for the course.  Courses with an EOC requirement are listed below:

English 2, Biology 1, Intermediate Algebra, Algebra 1, and/or US History

Students will test on various dates to accommodate their needs, whether they be face to face, virtual, or accommodated. Accommodated testers will be notified of their specific testing dates, locations, and times. Read below to determine if, and when, your student will EOC test:

Face to Face EOC and Final Exam Testing:

Nov. 30-Dec. 1:  English 2 EOC Writing Component (TDA)

Dec. 7-8:  US History EOC

            Dec. 8-9:  English 2 EOC Reading Component

            Dec. 9-10: Biology 1 EOC

            Dec. 14:  Algebra 1/Intermediate Algebra EOC 

PCVA and Virtual SC EOC Testing:

*Report to PHS Media Center by 8:45 am on designated day of testing

Dec. 2:  PCVA and Virtual SC English 2 EOC Writing Component TDA

Dec. 8:  PCVA and Virtual SC US History EOC

Dec. 9:  PCVA and Virtual SC English 2 Reading Component

Dec. 10:  PCVA and Virtual SC Biology 1 EOC

Dec. 13:  PCVA and Virtual SC Algebra 1/Intermediate EOC

The Pickens County Career and Technology Center is working with us and will excuse students, when necessary, for the purpose of taking state required End of Course exams. EOC assessments are given through student chrome books.  All other necessary materials for EOC testing will be provided.  We ask that you support your student in helping him or her prepare by encouraging him or her to study, provide encouragement, and remind him or her to get rest before testing.

Thank you for providing assistance in the required test administrations needed for your student to receive credit for his or her courses.  Please direct any questions or concerns to the Testing Coordinator, Lauren Corn, by email at